Fuscha Ltd was founded on the belief that there is a need in the marketplace for a new breed of consulting.
In an increasingly competitive business environment customer satisfaction is essential. We do not get satisfaction out of software failures, user complaints or misunderstandings. We get satisfaction from you, using our products and services. We believe that your satisfaction can be passed onto your customers.

We have experience of using consultancies and we can understand why businesses have been disillusioned with many of them. We know many consultancies have varying standards and inconsistent services.

We want to be different by being open and honest. We will not accept a software project if we do not believe it is right for you or for ourselves. Whatever your requirements and size, we can supply you with the knowledge and skills that will equip your company for survival and success in today's changing economy. We can be involved in many areas of your business from management overviews to every aspect of implementation, development, infrastructure and security.
Try us. You have nothing to lose and if you are not happy, we lose you and we wouldn't want that to happen. Our reputation comes from your experience with us.